Guest Judges

Scottish nutrionist Gillian McKeith.

Scottish nutrionist Gillian McKeith. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gillian Mckeith  (Weeks 3 And 5)

Television Background

Reasons for Choice

  • A popular character with a wealth of background with regards to eating healthy.
  • As a guest presenter she will add an extra dimension to the healthy eating concept of the show
  • Has the tough love aspect to her manner of presenting, which will contrast well with Jamie Oliver. Similar, in a sense, to Alan Sugar in The Apprentice.
  • She is still in the market publishing books on healthy eating/lifestyles, thus a figure not far from the public mind.
  • Younger and older audiences will watch her, as You are What you Eat was a popular TV programme with the old and young alike during its first two seasons.

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