Budget Meals is a Reality TV programme about students competing for a sponsorship to cover their food expenses throughout one academic year at university. Two groups of students are forced to live together and given a tight budget of 100 pounds to feed the entire team for a week. Despite their differences, they must work their way out of stressful situations and clashes between opposing personalities to cook together as a team.

Our first episode of Budget Meals will reveal the contestants and show the audition process, including our University Challenge Cook Offs. We will tour round the country visiting various Universities to select 4 contestants to compete in the show with the additional 6 contestants selected through our YouTube auditioning process.

The following episodes will be filmed in the style of The Apprentice and will show two opposing teams of students as they go on their weekly shop. An Instagram recap will show what the students cooked on the other days of the week. Each episode will show the preparation of and cooking of Friday’s meal, following this professional chef Jamie Oliver will judge the meals and show what he would have done with the same ingredients. Whoever cooks the healthiest wins, leaving the losers to clean up the mess.

The same structure will be followed for 7 weeks, making it harder on the teams to win by imposing unannounced challenges to catch the contestants off guard such as ‘Supermarket Sweep’ (Shopping in under ten minutes), Eco Warrior (Only Organic and Fair-trade produce) and the ultimate ‘Team Swap’. The individual who has gained the highest number of team wins will be revealed as the ultimate winner of the show.


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